For my day job, I write content on topics related to jobs, hiring trends, and human capital for a global tech company. I’m happy to connect with fellow scholars who are considering a shift from academia to industry, and to provide insights from my own experiences.

In addition to my full-time work, I enjoy juggling multiple freelance projects. My writing incorporates my anthropological background to examine a variety of topics, ranging from health and disability to parenting, travel, animals, and food. I currently write mostly narrative nonfiction, although I have also published op-eds, review essays, and other forms. I am in the process of reworking my dissertation on undiagnosis for publication as a narrative nonfiction book, and I also dabble with fiction as a tool for social justice.

Previously, I conducted long-term research on family experiences with undiagnosed disabilities resulting from genetic syndromes. This project used ethnographic fieldwork conducted in both Central America and the U.S. to examine the social life of undiagnosed and extremely rare disabilities. I occasionally serve as an expert witness on disability-related asylum cases.