Below is a running list of my writings, both academic and otherwise.

Undiagnosed: When Rare Diseases Aren’t So Rare (Sapiens)

The Autism Moms’ Cross-Country Drug Ring (Narratively)

An Introduction to Medical Anthropology (ThoughtCo)

It’s (Not) in your Head: When Bodies Defy Logic (Nursing Clio)

Why I Refuse to Armchair Diagnose (Medium)

Texas Must do Better for Texans with Disabilities (San Antonio News-Express, also appeared in Waco Tribune Herald and the Austin American-Statesman)

Why Not Focus on Masculinity after Mass Shootings? (San Antonio News-Express)

Mental Illness has become a Scapegoat for Mass Shootings (Houston Chronicle)

Let’s Stop Blaming Mental Illness for Mass Shootings (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, also appeared in the Austin-American Statesman)

After Shootings, Stop Blaming Mental Illness (San Antonio News-Express)

Stop Blaming Mental Illness for Mass Shootings (Amarillo Globe-News)

Are We Misdiagnosing the Cause of Gun Violence? (Texas Monthly)

Police Need Training to Recognize People with Disabilities (Austin-American Statesman)

Police Must Learn to Deal with People with Disabilities (San Antonio News-Express)

Care Gone Wrong: Bad Moms, Fake Disabilities, and Imagined Illnesses (Nursing Clio)

A Death in the Family: Disability Activism, Mourning, and Diagnostic Kinship (Disability Studies Quarterly)

The Anti-Vaccine Movement, Bad Science, and the Rise of Fake News (Nursing Clio)

When Risk, Doubt, and Difference Converge: A Review Essay (Somatosphere)

The Enclosed Case (Somatosphere)

Five Way to Support Your Kids, from a Special Needs Sibling (The Mighty)

Top of the Heap (Somatosphere)

In the Community, But Alone (BLOOM)

Disability was Home: From Big Sister to Anthropologist (BLOOM)


Other Media:

Interview for Texas Standard radio piece: “Half of People Killed by Police in the US May Have a Disability”